Our Story

The 38th Floor Bar, formerly Mandala Lounge, is the creation of Jon Taffer from the hit TV series Bar Rescue. Mandala Lounge opened in June 2007. The location was picked primarily for its outside patio and its proximity to the future Bay Meadows development just blocks from the lounge. Business was excellent in the beginning until the financial collapse of 2008. The general economic conditions coupled with the development freeze of the Bay Meadows hit the lounge hard.

Although Mandala Lounge was committed to service, as was evidenced by their positive Yelp reviews, the business struggled financially. The struggle to stay open was detrimental to my physical wellbeing, the health of my marriage, and my finances, and the wellbeing of my staff. The pressure and stress of a failing business translated negatively through me to my staff and, ultimately, to my customers. Finally, I could no longer justify the negative cost of staying in business and prepared to sell or close.

In the first quarter of 2014 as we were preparing to close, Bar Rescue was canvasing the area looking for candidates for the show. They left us a message, I responded, and we passed through 5 interviews over 9 months. We essentially stayed open to see if we would be selected. After months of waiting and anticipation, Mandala Lounge was selected to be on Bar Rescue.

The Transformation was dramatic…for myself (the owner), my family, my staff, and the venue. Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue, essentially put me through “personality boot camp,” helping me realize the defects of character that were blocking me from success. The confrontation of the issues contributing to the bar’s demise set the ground work for a new beginning. Not many people get a second chance and I will forever be grateful to Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue Team for this opportunity.

We continue to add, improve, and polish the 38TH Floor Bar platform Jon Taffer gave us. We welcome everyone to come experience the accessible sophistication of the 38TH Floor Bar. We don’t get to be here without you so we look forward to meeting you and making new friends. Elevate your night life experience at the 38TH Floor Bar tonight!


Greg Hawkins

Proprietor 38TH Floor Bar

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